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1. Research

As the very best platform for you to sell your tips to the world Sporting Chance offers you a great opportunity. But making money from selling tips will only come if you are very good at tipping winners. So use everything at your disposal to research the choices you provide the clients at Sporting Chance. Remember that increased Tipster profit will ensure more tips are sold - work hard and receive the rewards!

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2. Be patient

You may the very best Tipster on the planet but when you open your account with Sporting Chance you start at the bottom of the P&L leaderboards like everyone else. Dont despair however because the sooner you start providing profitable tips the sooner your exposure to clients will increase. So be patient, research hard and engage in a long term strategy to forge up P&L Leaderboards and get the exposure you deserve!

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3. Be competitive

Sporting Chance assists with the pricing of Tips through a real time 'Current Average Tip Cost' calculation on each page. This is based on all Tips sold and allows the Tipster to charge for their Tips accordingly. Remember that Sporting Chance is a very competitive market place and only the competitive will sell their Tips. Price accordingly!

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4. Spread the word

The real strength to the success of Sporting Chance is the client base that uses it. So tell all your friends, family and associates that love to gamble about the site. As the Sporting Chance family grows so too does the potential for greater profitable Tipsters to appear, and for a larger client audience looking to buy Tips. So start spreading the news!

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